In ALICE, G&TB’s virgin collection of songs (something like an EP!), Benson conducts a musical journey into the heart. Alongside his trusty violin and guitar, the twenty-year-old musician opens windows into the hearts of young and trusting lovers, those willing to wait, the faithfully devoted, walking out on my own, shoulders to lean on, backs to carry you, a warm hand to hold on to, hearts of lead, hearts of gold, and pierced hands. Let this organic and intimate collection transport you to a campfire under a starry night or a riverside in the evening with those you love, singing and laughing all the way home.


Stormy, soulful shouts give in to mellow sashaying and meditative croons drawn over tender guitar strings. Such is the state of Gordon & The Birds’ psychic soundscape! “Roads And Lights” is a shining collection of some of Benson’s favourite songs by his favourite musicians. Explore a world where emotions paint the walls with explosions of color, sound, laughter, shadow and passion.


 Click here to access G&TB’s page.


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